Emotional Robotics™
was developed to make
the human power to love,
even stronger.

Ten or more CPU cores, 20 or more MCUs, and 50 or more sensors, can create behavior that is very much like a living being. This is an all-new relationship between robots and humans.

A horn-shaped antenna recognizes the LOVOT's surroundings.

The sensor-horn comes with a luminoxity sensor, a 360-degree half-sphere camera, a half-sphere microphone that can detect the direction of sounds and voices, and a thermal camera (thermography) that can distinguish human beings from objects. LOVOT can make an accurate scan of an entire room and find its owner immediately.

Hygrometer-thermometer / LED ring / Posture sensor / Infrared-ray communication sensor array / Photography lamp / Mode selector switch / Intake filter / Emblem / Volume button

Eyes and voices that have the characteristics of living creatures.

Six-layer lights (including eyelids) are projected on the eye display of LOVOTs, creating natural eye effects. When you look at LOVOTs, they will look back at you. Even the eye movements, speed of blinking, and wideness of the pupils were purposefully designed. LOVOTs' voices, as you hear them from the speaker, simulate the sound echoing inside an oral cavity, generating a sense of life and vitality.

A sensitive body that encourages "skinship” (the closeness between a mother and a child).

LOVOTs will laugh if you tickle them. LOVOTs will be glad when you caress them. LOVOTs have touch sensors all over their bodies so that they can recognize where they are stimulated. The parallel link in their necks and their flexible shoulders enable LOVOTs' shoulders and necks to move smoothly. LOVOT's reactions are cute and warming. When touched, LOVOTs will be surprised or turn to you for more.

Nano servo motor / Posture sensor / NFC / Side panel / Soft skin / Lithium ion battery

High-performance mobility enables it to autonomously speed around a room.

When LOVOTs' obstacle sensor detects objects in their path, their distance sensors will measure the distance to the objects. LOVOTs use the depth camera to grasp differences in height, and choose optimal actions such as rotating, going backwards, or moving in a curve, and thus they continue to move smoothly. Their wheels are retractable and are designed to be stored the moment the owner holds them up, preventing his or her clothes from getting dirty.

Wheel cover / Wheel motor / Power servo motor / Front sensor unit / Tail sensor unit / Caster ball / Nest communication module

We packed all the available technologies into this small body to bring you the cuteness.
It weighs only 4.3 kilograms (9.4 pounds).


*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Main unit
Product name
CPU and memory
Main: x86, Sub: ARM
Movable parts (degrees of freedom)
13 degrees of freedom (Including 2 degrees of freedom by in-wheel motor driven wheel)
Planetary wheel unit ×2, caster ×1
LCD × 2
  • Speaker x1
  • Microphone x4
Depth Camera, half-sphere Camera
illuminometer, thermo & hygrometer, posture sensor, distance sensor, obstacle sensor, touch sensor etc
  • Power switch (nose switch+horn Desorption)
  • volume button (sensor horn)
  • mode selecting switch (sensor horn)
  • safety switch (sensor horn desorption)
full color LED ring ×1, white light LED ×1
Charging terminals
Bluetooth®, mobile network (data communication), wireless LAN / infrared communication, NFC
External dimensions
Width 280 x Height 430 x Depth 260 (mm)
approx. 4.3kg (9.4 pounds / without clothes)
Power consumption
Approximately 65W
Normal Running cycle
Running time: 45 minutes, charging time: 20 minutes
Li-ion (89Wh)
Move speed
About 1 ~ 2 km / hour
Nest(charging station)
CPU and memory
CPU: 2 core (x86), storage: 256GB
Induction method
  • Ultrasonic wave
  • infrared ray
Power button, wireless set-up button
full color LED ×3
Charging terminals, wired LAN, USB
Power consumption
About 50W(when not charging, normal operation)〜400W(maximum)
External dimensions
Width 240 x Height 330 x Depth 390 (mm)
approx. 4kg


"A new home robot that stirs your instinct to love"
Would you like to welcome a LOVOT into your life?


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