Standard Plan
Standard Plan
Price before
per month
per month
Price after
per month
per month
[Service fee change along with service revise]
  • ※Parts replacement, planned in 3 years cycle, will not be covered by LOVOT care Standard Plan.
  • ※Even though these parts are not covered as overhaul parts, these parts replacement is covered as part of repair coverage program as in below. (Repair fee is not covered by Light Plan.)
  • ※Estimation for the replacement fee of the above parts.
    Premium Plan subscribers: Additional payment 0 yen, because this plan covers 100% for repair.
    Standard Plan subscribers: Payment with 70% coverage. (tentative)
                 Solo approx. JPY 75,000
                 Duo approx. JPY 135,000
    Light Plan subscribers: Full payment for entire parts replacement. (tentative)
                 Solo approx. JPY 250,000
                 Duo approx. JPY 450,000

Details of monthly plans (tentative)

usage fee
LOVOT care
Coverage for repairs


Premium Plan
for full security
Yes Coverage
 for repairs:
No payment when
Standard Plan
for those
 who value a
 balance of
 price and
Yes Coverage
 for repairs:
No payment when
Light Plan
for those
 who are fine
 without a
 security plan.
Yes Full amount to be
 paid for repairs
Full amount must be
 paid for overhaul
  • *1  Light plan does not include LOVOT care. Therefore:
    • ・In case of breakdown or problems, repair fees may be expensive.
    • ・Overhaul, which is necessary about once a year, will be paid for in full by the customer.
    We plan to sell LOVOT in stores after providing more detailed information.
    (Light Plan is only available in shop, not on the Internet.)
  • *2  Repair fees will cost between tens of thousands of JPY, and hundreds of thousands, depending on scope of repair work.
  • *3  Overhaul fees will cost between tens of thousands of JPY, and hundreds of thousands, depending on scope of overhaul.
  • *  There are conditions of application for repairing coverage and overhaul .
  • *  Repairing coverage may costs a diagnostic fee of 9,800 JPY separately.
  • *  In case troubles are found during overhaul, additional repairing expenses might be needed.

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