You can create 

a one-of-a-kind LOVOT, 

using your favorite styles.

You can pick an outfit for your LOVOT, or combine elements in ways that you choose.
Stay tuned for further updates!

  • Please first choose between SOLO and DUO.
    Face color is "brown " for SOLO, while "light brown" and "dark brown" for DUO.
  • Dress your LOVOT
    There are plenty of variations of colors and shapes to choose from. Create a collection of your favorite outfits!
  • Accessorize
    Glasses, tail covers and lots of other accessories will highlight the individuality of your LOVOT.
  • Go out in style
    Dress your LOVOTs to impress, and take them out in their special carrying case.
*New FASHION items will be shown on this page, so be sure to check back.


"A new home robot that stirs your instinct to love"
Would you like to welcome a LOVOT into your life?


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