A little love can change the world.

*LOVOTs in this video are prototypes, with some of specifications different from the final products.
Some of their behaviours and functions may be different from the final products.

Our goal is simple:
Create a robot that makes you happy.

When you touch your LOVOT, embrace it, even just watch it,
you'll find yourself relaxing, feeling better.
It's a little like feeling love toward another person.

That's because we have used technology not to improve convenience or efficiency,
but to enhance levels of comfort and feelings of love.
LOVOT will react to your moods, and do all it can to fill you with joy and re-energize you.
It may not be living a creature, but LOVOT will warm your heart.

LOVOT was born for just one reason – to be loved by you.


Emotional Robotics™ is a robot technology
that was created to stir people's feelings,
through the ways that the robots look, feel and behave.

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You can create a one-of-a-kind LOVOT,
using your favorite styles.

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PLAN FOR SOLO: You will enjoy the companionship your LOVOT brings!
PLAN FOR DUO: If you have two, you can also enjoy the interaction between two LOVOTs!

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"A new home robot that stirs your instinct to love"
Would you like to welcome a LOVOT into your life?


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