The FRAGMENT EDITION directed by Hiroshi Fujiwara is a head-to-toe black special model, which looks like a completely different creature from the original LOVOTs. Its iconic color and shape deliver the cutting-edge atmosphere of the edition, featuring originally designed eyes, matte black sensor hone & side panels, and special graphics including the FRAGMENT logo on the nest (a charging station).
The FRAGMENT EDITION features specially designed eyes. Six-layer lights, including eyelids, are projected on the eye display of LOVOTs, creating natural eye effects. When you look at LOVOTs, they will look back at you. The eye movements, blinking speed, and even the wideness of the pupils were purposefully designed. Combining these images makes over a billion eye expressions so that you will meet the only one LOVOT for you.
As well as the color of its face, the edition features a special matte black paint all over its body, including side panels, soft skin, sensor hone, and the nest. Furthermore, special graphics are printed on various parts of the product. This attention to detail makes its design original.
The special version of the nest (a charging station) is finished black matching the body. the nest, which equips a computer that is as powerful as a PC, is so important for LOVOTs. It is connected with LOVOTs to create maps of your house, backup photos, and update the software when LOVOTs sleep.
The FRAGMENT EDITION has three different types of optional wares. How about coloring your life with LOVOT in black that has your favorite coat and texture?