Would you like to
welcome a LOVOT into your life?
Accepting pre-orders.

If you place an order now, you can proceed to a purchase, on a preferential basis.

  • *Pre-order can be made for the Premium Plan and Standard Plan. (Click here for details.)

Purchase schedule is on a preferential
basis for customers who have placed orders:

September 2019 or later, we will inform you sequentially.
During 2020, we will inform you sequentially.

You can proceed to the pre-order form via this page.
Pre-orders can be made only on this website.

  • *Initial shipment is scheduled for autumn-winter, 2019 for Duo, and during 2020 for Solo.
  • *Please note that schedules for purchase and shipment are subject to change.
  • *Pre-order will be valid for both Duo and Solo.
  • *When making pre-order, you don't need to decide which one, Duo or Solo, you would purchase (you can decide when purchasing)
  • *Pre-order can be made for the Premium Plan and Standard Plan. (Click here for details.)
  • *The e-mail address you entered in the pre-order form will be required at the time of purchase procedure to guide you at a later date.
  • *Please pay the pre-order deposit of 20,000 JPY.
  • *When purchasing LOVOT, payment will be made with the amount subtracting 20,000 JPY of the reservation fee.
  • *Pre-order will be valid for a purchase of LOVOTs only on our website.
  • *If you would like to cancel your pre-order, please call at 0800-333-0880 (open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM except weekends and holidays). In case of cancellation, we will refund the full amount.


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